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Diverse Organizations Building People Power to Achieve Justice

TUSA members at meeting

Working for Social and Economic Justice through Community Organizing

The mission of TUSA is to enable people of faith to work powerfully and effectively together to redress injustices in our community. Currently TUSA has 22 member congregations that are located throughout Lucas County and are diverse in their socio-economic, racial, denominational, and geographic backgrounds. Congregations in TUSA work together to build relationships, listen to common concerns, research community problems, and then take action to see that systems in the community are held accountable to principles of justice and fairness. The organization was founded in March of 1992, with over 450 people in attendance. TUSA has grown to 22 member congregations representing over 19,000 people throughout Lucas County. While this membership is very diverse TUSA members are united in their desire to successfully address a cross-section of community problems.

Building Stronger Communities with Social Capital

At a time when neighborhoods are fragmented and people typically do not even know the family next door, TUSA establishes a network of relationships within and between diverse communities. Members of TUSA congregations make concerted efforts to learn about each other's concerns and dreams regarding the community. Through a process of one-on-one visits and house meetings, members of TUSA congregations share their concerns and dreams regarding the community, build or strengthen relationships, and identify commonly held community concerns.

Finding Solutions and Holding Officials Accountable

TUSA does not stop once problems are identified. Congregation leaders engage in extensive research to find solutions to community problems and determine which officials have the power to implement the solutions. TUSA then holds a "direct action" meeting at which TUSA leaders make requests of the appropriate public officials in front of hundreds of TUSA members. By doing so, traditionally voiceless populations exert power in relation to a political system that was previously inaccessible to them. With the power of organized communities and a commitment to justice, TUSA has a long history of accomplishments on a wide range of issues.


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